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What is Songrium EDM ?

Songrium EDM is a music browsing assistance service for EDM (Electronic Dance Music) of the past and present. All functions of Songrium EDM can be used free of charge.

Autoplay a chorus-section by our music analysis

Songrium enables a user to jump straight to the chorus section, which is detected automatically by Songle. One may also autoplay just the chorus of each song in a playlist.

Songrium History Player - Browse the history of EDM

History Player visualizes the history of EDM pieces and automatically plays those with the highest play counts in each period. Animated bubbles give you some perspective on the trends and transitions in published EDM pieces over time.
>> Niconico version is here!
* Songrium History Player is an extended version of Songrium Bubble Player by AIST for Niconico Chokaigi.

Songrium Smart Player - Listening to new pieces smartly

Songrium Smart Player enables a user to make a playlist of EDM content selected by various rules and then to autoplay it. It is useful for checking out new music releases, most commented-on tracks, and more.
>> VOCALOID on Niconico version is here!

In Songrium History Player and Smart Player - EDM, you can listen EDM pieces which is published on SoundCloud and tagged #EDM. Additionally, you also can listen musical pieces of some EDM artists.

  • 2016/02/07 Release 'Songrium Smart Player for EDM'
  • 2016/02/07 Release 'Songrium History Player for EDM'

  • Since Songrium is in development, it might have some defects. The service can be suspended for maintenance without prior notice. We do not take any responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of functions and information on this web site.
  • Music annotations estimated by our music-understanding technologies do not necessary coincide with the content of the original music.
  • The registered songs will be streamed directly from the original website to your browser without being cached by Songrium. Hence, if these video files are removed from the original website, it will not be possible to play them in Songrium.
  • Any information on Songium is permitted for personal use only. If you are interested in commercial use of our technologies and so forth, please contact songrium-ml at .

Songrium Project

Songrium is part of the Songrium Project at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). This project is supported by CREST and ACCEL, JST.

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